Afternoon Tea

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What is Afternoon Tea? A ritual? A meal? A social event? Or is it just a relaxing time spent with a hot cup of tea and some delicious accompaniments and nibbles in the company of loved ones or social acquaintances.

Many centuries back, it was an occasion where tea was enjoyed with cakes and a snack in the late afternoon to nip the hunger pangs before dinner. The tea was served in the personal parlours of the upper class, especially the ladies. Soon the landed gentry, especially the lady of the house, made a social ritual out of it by inviting friends over for tea and moving the private tea time from the boudoirs into full-fledged tea parties in to the drawing rooms. So, you got dressed up, sipped your tea, ate your cakes and sandwiches and socialised with others at these ‘open house parties’ or receptions. No matter what the definition or historical reference to this mini meal was, for some it was fashionable and for some it was comforting.

We can categorise this ceremony or meal as a soulful indulgence that has survived centuries and is still prevalent in today’s modern times in hotels and tea rooms across the country. Our lives today are a hectic frenzy of timelines that need completion. When we do get a moment to ourselves that we want to spend with loved ones, it’s a dinner at a restaurant or a fun day out with a picnic or at the movies. And for many, it’s still an ‘Afternoon Tea’.

At The Mount Pleasant, we treat Afternoon Tea as a celebration of tradition and rejoicing the company of loved ones over a cup of tea and delicious nibbles. Our Afternoon Tea is a lavish spread – home made fruit scones, strawberry jam, clotted cream, selection of cakes and sandwiches with a pot of tea or coffee.

It’s served every day. From Monday to Thursday, its available from 12pm to 2.30 pm and from Friday to Sunday it’s available from 12 pm to 5 pm at our restaurant.

The price per person is £14.5.

We have private rooms available for ‘Tea Receptions’ for larger groups. The Morgan Lounge can cater up to 16 people while the Dame Laura Knight room can sit up to 100 guests.

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